18th edition

Our Gourmet Trails

Meet the winegrowers on May 21, 2023 for the 18th edition of the Sentiers Gourmands starting at the Cave d’Armissan.

Our gourmet stops

All along this 8 km route (with a slight difference in altitude), punctuated by gourmet breaks, you will discover the heart of the Clape by tasting its wines and admiring the land that forges them, all in harmony with the dishes prepared by the chef Marc Schwall of the Petit Lac (Narbonne).


More precisely, the gourmet stops are declined in the following way to make you discover the specific character of the Clape: oysters and an appetizer, a hot starter, a cold starter, a meat dish, cheese and dessert, all mixed with the tasting of the AOC la Clape wines, presented by about thirty wine growers who will have in heart to make you share their passion and their work.

The 2022 menu

Signed by Chef Marc Schwall of Petit Lac

Mise en bouche :
Oysters from the Etang de Thau from Ferli’Thau
Mousse de brousse with basil, diced cucumber and sweet onions, fried bread.


Cold starter :
Marinated trout, Greek-style yogurt, samphire and seaweed citrus vinaigrette.


Hot starter :
Back of pre-salted cod, tagetes pesto, zucchini with fresh coriander.


Hot dish:
Spoon-roasted lamb, forked potatoes, thyme jus.


Cheese :
Combebelle’s two-aged goat cheese
Goat farm of Combebelle Bize Minervois


Dessert :
Local strawberries, citrus zest syrup, meringue and almond milk ice cream.


Coffee :
Lavazza Expresso